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Date: 4/21/2017 "My News" - "The Week That Was" Cam Newton did NOT wear a Romper. Julia Roberts is NOT Most Beautiful. WBTV's Molly Grantham on Molly's Kids, Keith's Ride, and Klaire. And Snakes.

Date: 4/20/2017 "My News" - Is North Korea a Cartoon? Richard Simmons Indigestion. New Planet?? Buenos Dias Willie Returns! Ride Child Klaire's Grandmother - DIPG Has Got to Go.

Date: 4/19/2017 "My News" - Hernandez & Facebook Killer End it. Trump's "Buy American" Julia Roberts? Talking Monroe Whitesides column, "Final Days," Ride 15 and an Invite from John.

Date: 4/18/2017 "My News" - Kim Jong Un is Moe. Melania Saves the President. Doolittle's Last Raider. Giraffe and People Babies; Ride 15 Chaos and Redemption with Producer-to-Whom. Kyle Petty - Kyle Petty Charity Ride, Ride 15, Stock Car Racin' & A Tune.

Date: 4/17/2017 "My News" - Trump Back to Twitterin', Deadly Lap Dance. Why Shoe laces untie. Meet Ride Kid Klaire. Talking Baby Giraffe and Cam Newton's Romper with Producer-to-Whom. Terri Bennett: Teaching instead of TV-ing. Fine New Tunes.

Date: 4/13/2017 "My News" - United's Gonna Be Paying Up. Trump Truths? Good Luck, Patrick Cannon. Remembering Monroe Whitesides. Praying for Hallie Crawford. The Amazing Cassiidy Hooper Stops By - And Issues a Challenge

Date: 4/12/2017 "My News" - United CEO Eats Crow. Trump Chose Jared. J. Geils. Church's Own Police. Janice Covington, LGBT Activist - Charlotte Blew it On Bathrooms. A "Ride Moment" about The Kids.

Date: 4/11/2017 "My News" - At Least You're Not United Airlines CEO. About Syria... Amy Carter The Taxidermy Lady Cindy Stranad, Articulon Communications - United Airlines Fiasco. I'm a Bad Sibling

Date: 4/10/2017 "My News" - Sergio, Trump-Syria Swirl, Dueling Returning to Oregon. Rabbits and Chicks for Easter? Victoria Gonzalez, Immigration Attorney - On New Phones, Colonizing the U.S. - and Why Dr. Laura Disappeared from WBT.

Date: 4/7/2017 "My News" - The Week that Was. Trump-Syria Then and Now. Tebow-ing Baseball. News From Waxhaw - "Goodbye to the Haw". Great conversations with Walter E. Williams and Nick Gillespie.

Date: 4/6/2017 "My News" - Trump White House Really Is a Reality Show. Tears for Arnie. Talking J.J. Cale. "What Matters to Mayor Roberts?" Barry Manilow is Gay? And the Tragedy Related... Dolph's Vinyl with Dolph Ramseur including Brand New Seth Avett.

Date: 4/5/2017 "My News" - Column: "What Matters to Mayor Roberts?" Ride 15 Announcements. Best of Fred Grandy.

Date: 4/4/2017 "My News" - Plus, Duke Lost. Sharon Thorsland on Tar Heels Win. Marty Hurney, Former Carolina Panthers General Manager - Baseball, The NFL, The Panthers and Jerry Richardson.

Date: 4/3/2017 "My News" - Bad Roy Williams Dancing. Trump for the Course. Backstreet Boys Ain't Country Music. Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine - Wide-ranging talk about free-market explosion of The Arts versus Federal support. Voters shedding Jerseys and What that Means Going Forward. Would Trump have Won Anyway?

Date: 3/31/2017 "My News" - New Name for HPee2 & New Trouble for Trump. 10 Years Since Murders of Officers Clark and Shelton. Ride 15 News. Emails. Stephen McMickens - Young man who ran to comfort fallen Charlotte officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton.

Date: 3/30/2017 "My News" - New HB2 Swirl. Ride 15 Updates, WBT and WRFX-FM. I Love Jenna Elfman. Fred Grandy, Political Gopher - Presidential Politikin' and TV Geniusry

Date: 3/29/2017 "My News" - Me? Defending Bill O'Reilly?? Major Ride 15 Announcements. Molly Grantham - 10 Years since Murder of Two Charlotte Officers: How Would City Respond Today? Jim Morrill, Charlotte Observer, in Raleigh - HB2 Compromise??

Date: 3/28/2017 "My News" - Paid Leave for Women when Aunt Flow Visits??" Walter E. Williams, Economist & Syndicated Columnist - GuvCo Lies and Assorted Madness. When Other Cultures "Assimilated"

Date: 3/27/2017 "My News" - Veteran gets his Purple Heart. "March Madness" on the court - and in Washington. Update on Nancy's Mom. Jourdan Rodrigue, Charlotte Observer - The Panthers, HB2, Cam's Shoulder & More. Ride 15 Update.

Date: 3/24/2017 "My News" - "The Week That Was." Talk about Chuck Berry. Andrew Dys, Rock Hill Herald - Update on Evicted 84-Year old Veteran. Chuck Barris, Genius - Amazing conversation from 2004. New Member of our Household.

Date: 3/23/2017 "My News" - Trump Care. Carolinas Growing. The NFL's Lesson for Talk Radio. Molly Grantham - Search for Killer of a Cop's Son. #MollysKids. No 'Kay. Shannon Bream - Gorsuch Hearing, Filibusters & Nuclear Options. Baseball. Also, "Inherently Sexual," "Lost Wedding Dress," "A Prom story."

Date: 3/22/2017 "My News" - Remembering Chuck Barris. Dolph Ramseur, Ramseur Records, with Classic Vinyl from Buddy Holly & The Platters & New Releases from Seth Avett, Jim Avett, David Childers, Samantha Crain.

Date: 3/21/2017 "My News" - NC State Senator Jeff Tarte - Getting "Dead People Driving" Out of the Left Lane. Rich Lowry, National Review Editor - Trump's 140-Character Flaw. Andrew Dys, Rock Hill Herald - Community Rallies to Help Evicted 84-year old Veteran.

Date: 3/20/2017 "My News" - March Madness, Prez Politikin, Chuck Berry. Denise McAllister - Carolina & Duke, and Prez Politikin. Terri Bennett - Chuck Berry, Carolinas Tuneage and Live Bands.

Date: 3/17/2017 "My News" - The Amazing Cassidy Hooper - Turning 21 years old. Lauri Eberhart - on Brackets and Captain Jack. Playing "Tag," Big Pen Spit Balls - and St. Pat's Tunes.

Date: 3/16/2017 "My News" - Molly Grantham on Brackets and a Two Little Girls' Hearts. Fred Barnes of Fox News and the Weekly Standard on All Trump Swirl. "Thorsland" on Brackets. Jerry Jeff Walker Tunes.

Date: 3/15/2017 "My News" - What if Rachel Maddow REALLY got Hold of a Juicy Trump Tax Return? PETA Chick Tricia - Saving Zebras and Crickets. Investigative Reporter Mitch Weiss - Updates on "Word of Faith Fellowship" in Spindale, NC.

Date: 3/14/2017 "My News" - What Men Find Attractive. Thank God "The Bachelor" is Over. Ron Hackenberger - 81 year old Great Grandfather Auctioning Off his 800 Cars.

Date: 3/13/2017 "My News" - No Drones for Me? My First Time at the Thirsty Beaver. Stacey Simms First Visit to Waxhaw!

Date: 3/10/2017 "My News" - "Word of Faith Fellowship" Update. Constitutional Genius Bill O'Reilly. History Chick Lauri Eberhart and Apollo Sports & Entertainment Law Partner Melinda Zanoni on...Everything!

Date: 3/9/2017 "My News" - GuvCo Goes after Fantasy Sports. WBTV's Molly Grantham. Nick Hentoff - Civil Libertarian Defending Gun Rights and Ripping President Trump.

Date: 3/8/2017 "My News" - Day Without a Woman. Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer - Honeymoon Over for Panthers' Dave Gentleman. Mitch Weiss, AP Investigative Reporter - "Broken Faith" The Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, NC

Date: 3/7/2017 "My News" - A Day Without A Woman. Jim Morrill, Charlotte Observer - New Swirl over HB2. Snack Foods of the 60s and 70s.

Date: 3/6/2017 "My News" - Jessica Fletcher and Sonny Crockett. Jourdan Rodrigue, Charlotte Observer - Panther Moves, Dogs, and CB Radios.Shannon Bream, Fox News Channel - Singing "Smokey and the Bandit" and Supreme Court ruling. Remembering Train Madness.

Date: 3/3/2017 "My News" - Trump-Kremlin On-Message. Tom Hanks to the Rescue. Molly Grantham on Doctors Dropping Kids on CBD Oil. Getting Your Rear in Gear.

Date: 3/2/2017 "My News" - How Much Pee is in the Pool? Political "Gopher" Fred Grandy.

Date: 3/1/2017 "My News" - A Trump Speech for the Ages, and for Liberals, Democrats, and Union Workers. Sharon Thorsland, Professional Radio Broadcast Sports Genius (and Great Friend).

Date: 2/28/2017 "My News" - "The Bachelor" Woman Humiliated Women. Reason Magazine's Jacob Sullum on Marijuana Madness.

Date: 2/27/2017 "My News" - Oscars. Daytona 500. Trump Approval. Adult Tooth Fairy. Denise McAllister, writer for The Federalist - Being Conservative And an Artist. C-PAC-a-Palooza. Questions on the New Show Time.

Date: 2/24/2017 "My News" - C-PACking. Border Patrolling. Obamacar-ing. Man Wearing Bras. WBTV's Molly Grantham - Allergies. #MollysKids. "Buddies in Blue." What is Truth, and Reince Priebus is Alfred.

Date: 2/23/2017 "My News" - Trump & Transgender Bathrooms. Lap Dance when I'm 100. New Time for the LIVE Show. Victoria Gonzalez - Immigration Madness and More.

Date: 2/22/2017 "My News" - Heart Sinks over Erica Parsons Again. Trump. Tolbert. Tanner. WBTV News Reporter David Whisenant Tells the Tragic Story of Erica Parsons. North Carolina "Seceding"??

Date: 2/21/2017 "My News" - "Trump Tweets." "Milo is Too Far?" Mick Mulvaney - Director of Office of Management and Budget: What Will He Cut?" No More "White Boards" At Michigan State but More Pot for Older Folk.

Date: 2/20/2017 "My News" - Presidents Day. Trump and the Media. Dogs and Cats. "The Expiration on the Baking Powder was WHAT? History Chick Lauri Eberhart on Presidents Day, Trump and the Media, Stock Car Racing - and the Nature of Boys and Men.

Date: 2/17/2017 "My News" - Thirteen Pounds of Horse Genitals. WBTV's Molly Grantham - Loves the Kids but Parenting's Annoying; FB Posts, Hail Mary for Dalton Edwards!

Date: 2/16/2017 "My News" with Trump Tweets and Leaks. Fan Mail. Reason Magazine's Nick Gillespie: Finding Hope in the Swirl & Stopping GuvCo from Seizing your Assets.

Date: 2/15/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It." Walter E. Williams on Minimum Wage Madness and White Privilege. Stephanie MacPherson of Darkness to Light on Actual Sources of Child Sexual Abuse.

Date: 2/14/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Out Like Flynn. Petraeus Next? ICE ICE Baby. Boobs back in Playboy. Talking Bachelorette and Playboy with Producer to Whom. Terri Bennett - Meteorologist, Musicologist, Newlywed.

Date: 2/13/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Grammy Screw-Ups, Scary Children's Songs and Rhymes, Trump Swirl - and Dianne Chase, chair of Int'l Assn of Business Communicators on "Alternative Facts" and Media Ethics.

Date: 2/10/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Week that Was. HB2 Stuck on NC. Trump Tweets. Smartest Child. Firing it Up - The Story of the Shanty Song. "Executions" or "Putting Criminals to Sleep"?? WBTV's Molly Grantham - Little Braelynn: Between Three Parents & More. Producer-to-Whom, Cup Holders, Living in Big Time Football Towns.

Date: 2/9/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " No Dogs on Laps. "Not Fake" Trump Survey. Corpse Selfies. NOT Quidditch. Jourdan Rodrigue, Charlotte Observer Panther Reporter - Gentleman. Concussions. Dogs on Laps. "Business-Guy" President Won't Let Nordstrom Run Its Business.

Date: 2/8/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Al Franken for Prez? Trump Feeling Alright? Bad Day for Charlotte. Show Updates, Emails & Posts. No more Free Meat at Public. Kyle Petty - Talking NASCAR, Victory Junction, and Pickin' and Singing.

Date: 2/7/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Terrorists from Canada. Re-Pee-Ling HB2. World's Oldest Fiancee. "How young (or Old) A Woman (or Man) Can you Marry?" Flying Cars and Flying High with Buckminster Fuller. Janice Covington, Transgender Advocate - HRC, Stay Out. And Jennifer Roberts?

Date: 2/6/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Super Bowl - Falcons Owner Blew the Game. Brady. Trump. Gaga. America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner.

Date: 2/3/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Jake Delhomme, and WBTV's Molly Grantham.

Date: 2/2/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Americans Support Trump Ban. HB2 Repeal? Groundhog Day. Political "Gopher" Fred Grandy on All Things Trump & Media & Class he's Teaching.

Date: 2/1/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Trump Makes a Pick. Soccer & Crime in Charlotte. Male Waiters at Hooters? Denise McAllister, The Federalist - Pitched Politikin' and Dangerous Labeling, Trump USSC Pick. "If Charlotte's 'Got-A-Lot' - Does it Need a Song?"

Date: 1/31/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Trump Out-Pacing Nixon. Mayor wants a Song. No "Senior Twister". Marcus Smith - EXPECTS Charlotte to Pony-up Soccer Stadium $$. Kevin Aldridge, A.M.E. Church Pastor and Assoc. Opinion Editor, Cincinnati Enquirer: "It's Not Trump - It's Us."

Date: 1/30/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Immigration Swirl. POTUS RT'ing Donald. No Refills in France. Jake Delhomme - Patriots-Falcons and Cardiac Cats' Super Bowl. "Whose Leg Is It Anyway" Update - John Wood. Why Won't Producer-to-Whom Confront Toad Aisle-Blocking Shoppers?

Date: 1/27/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Trump Thumped. No $occer $ from CLT. Gettleman's Idea. Talking TV Themes. Shannon Bream, Fox News - Supreme Court Nominees, her Podcast. Why People Can't Challenge their Own Jerseys.

Date: 1/26/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Trump Feeling Okay? Soccer in Charlotte? "MTM". Scott Fowler - "Good Old Days are Over NASCAR Fans - Get Over It". Rich Lowry, National Review - A "Nation" Again and Trump-Media Madness.

Date: 1/25/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Twittering' Trump Calling out the Feds? $occer $wirl in Charlotte? Reading "1984". Emails and Calls on Trump and The Feds and Chicago. Jeff Burton explains the NASCAR Rules Changes.

Date: 1/24/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " The (Alternative) Facts of Trump. NASCAR Changes. Ruth Samuelson. "Crying over Spilled Coffee and Paper Cups". CBD Oil Update: Abby Childers, Mom of Betheny Calls on Big Pharma and Marijuana.

Date: 1/23/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Worse than 1968?, Soccer in Charlotte, Words from 1984. Jake Delhomme on NFL Championships and Tom Brady's Snot Rockets. "Hope's Panther" Kevin Donnalley. The Avett Brothers from Stephen Colbert.

Date: 1/20/2017 My News and You Are Welcome To It Inauguration Day Edition. Jake Delhomme on NFL Officiating and AFC/NFC Championship picks. Steve Harrison, Charlotte Observer, on $100 Mil for Soccer in Charlotte. Vision Of and For America.

Date: 1/19/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Nikki Haley Broke? "TrumpSingles.com"?? "Siri" and "Alexa". Joe Marusak, Charlotte Observer, "Fake News" guy Cameron Harris. Bob Seger's Song for Glenn Frey.

Date: 1/18/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Talking Showtime and Amazon Fire Sticks. "Native American Latina" Immigration Attorney Vicky Gonzalez.

Date: 1/17/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Why Aren't we Back on the Moon? RansomeWare Update. History Chick Lauri Eberhart on BadAss Daniel Morgan and the Battle of Cowpens.

Date: 1/16/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Jake Delhomme on NFL Playoffs and Aaron Rogers, Former Panthers GM Marty Hurney on NFL, Panthers, Media Mogul, News from Waxhaw.

Date: 1/13/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Jake Delhomme on Panthers and NFL Playoffs. I'm an iPhoner Now.

Date: 1/12/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Reason.com Magazine's Nick Gillespie on Trump's Fake News and Obama's Power Grab. Raggin on FishCatarians.

Date: 1/11/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Special Hour of Vinyl and Conversation with Avett Brothers Manager and Music Mogul Dolph Ramseur Listener Emails.

Date: 1/10/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Charlotte Observer's Jourdan Rodrigue on Panthers Receivers. William Kristol The Weekly Standard Fox News on All Things Trump. How you Listen top the Show. The Phone Book.

Date: 1/9/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Jake Delhomme on Aaron Rogers, NFL Playoffs, and "The Bachelor". Terri Bennett - Why the Snow didn't listen to the Forecasters. Malcolm Graham, Testifying for the Death Penalty for Dylan Roof. Keith and Nance on "The Bachelor".

Date: 1/6/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Jake Delhomme, Molly Grantham, Terri Bennett.

Date: 1/5/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Trends Genius Gerald Celeste (foresaw Brexit and Trump). Emails and Calls.

Date: 1/4/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Walter E. Williams, Panther-Yap, The Rest of the Story on Pat McCrory.

Date: 1/3/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Final Podcast-Only My News with Donald Trump, President Obama, Roy Cooper, Jennifer Roberts, and the Chihuahua in a Christmas Dress.

Date: 1/2/2017 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " 2016 Stunk. Donald Trump will Still Tweet. Carolina Panthers Stunk.

Keith Larson LIVE Stream Preview Day Three with My News - and Hope.

Keith Larson Show LIVE Stream Preview Day Two with My News, James Brown's Chauffeur, Molly Grantham.

Date: 12/20/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Whizzing All Over in Charlotte. Yes, Sugar Tonight. But No Whipped Cream.

Date: 12/19/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " The Election Goes to College. South Carolina Fights Porn?? The Word of the Year. And A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Dropping off Bikes for Kids - And the New Keith Larson Live Streaming Show.

Date: 12/16/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. "AND a Major TheLarsonPage.com Announcement.

Date: 12/15/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Who'll Play at President Trump's Inauguration? Pure Evil in Charleston. New Behavior Guidelines for Uber - Passengers! And a Frequent Question Answered on A Third Cup of Coffee.

Date: 12/14/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Donald Trump is Not a "Person". Pure Evil in Charleston. Google's Self-Driving Car has a Name.

Date: 12/14/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. History Chick Lauri Eberhart says Daniel Morgan was a BadAss and Nascar needs Help.

Date: 12/13/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Trump Picks Tillerson; "Tortured" Romney. Wonder Woman Demoted. And The Kids are Alright.

Date: 12/13/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Talking Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer Sports Guy. Another Not-Back-to-Back-Winning-Season for the Carolina Panthers. Why??

Date: 12/12/2016 My News and You Are Welcome To It Donald Trump's DEA Chief - Brilliant. Sick Laughter in Charleston. The Meaning of Christmas at Best Buy.

Date: 12/12/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Talking Panthers, Waxhaw - and, wait - WHY am I not at WBT??

Date: 12/09/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " "The Week that Was." Donald Trump TV Producer. Brian Williams Against "Fake News"?? Monkey Face on a Pig? And John Glenn.

Date: 12/09/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Terri Bennett and the "Thirsty Beaver Calendar". Emails from You Guys.The Most Whizzed-Off WBT Management Ever Was at Me.

Date: 12/08/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Day One Dylan Roof Trial, McCrory Meets Trump, So Does Rahm, Men's Clinic Marketing Geniusry.

Date: 12/08/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Political Gopher Fred Grandy on Trump, the Media, and Mrs. Brady - and Emails from You Guys.

Date: 12/07/2016 My News and You Are Welcome To It AND A Third Cup with WBTV's Molly Grantham. Trump and McCrory, Geniusry of Sarah Palin (Truly), Pearl Harbor, AND...Molly Grantham is the First Guest in the New Studio.

Date: 12/06/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " What's Next for Pat McCrory?, Who's Running in 2020?, Prez Obama Tries to Pull a Scam.

Date: 12/06/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. "Third Cup of Coffee" Explained, Stuff from You Guys, Greatest Hits of Pat McCrory.

Date: 12/05/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Panthers come Unraveled, Cam Newton gets a Message, Prez-Elect Trump Taps Sleepy Ben, Fidel-in-a-Box

Date: 12/05/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Emails from you, Eagles, Riverboat Ron and Cam, Nance the Wife to Whom I am Married Pops By.

Date: 12/02/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Jennifer Roberts, "Mad Dog" Mattis, Therapy Horses

Date: 12/02/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. Emails, Outtakes with Vicky, and Firing a Little something Up.

Date: 12/01/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Keith Scott Shooting, Mitt Romney Sucking Up, Mutual of Keith's Wild Kingdom.

Date: 12/02/2016 A Third Cup of Coffee - With Terri Bennett. After The First Day

Date: 11/28/2016 "My News and You Are Welcome To It. " Launching, Podcast, My News, Clubsters, Podcast, LAMA!

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