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Date: 6/23/2017 "My News" - "The Week That Was." My News: No Tapes. Sunday Drinking. Honoring a Rock Hill Vietnam Veteran. Plastic Surgery to Look Like Melania? Is Bill Cosby Serious? "Road Kill Genius" Sam Craft - NC Wildlife Commission.

Date: 6/22/2017 "My News" - Teens Lying about Sex? Read the Health Care Bill? "Truth in Wood"?? Cranking Summer Gold. Eating the Road Kill. Shari Law in North Carolina "Political Gopher" Fred Grandy.

Date: 6/21/2017 "My News" - Murders in Charlotte. Trading for Dwight Howard. Man Bun on Ken is Okay. Greg Olsen Making Trouble for The Panthers? Yes! With Bobby Rosinski. "Apocalyptic Rock and Roll Will Never Die" Why Lena Dunham Naked ? TV Updates.

Date: 6/20/2017 "My News" - The "Political Rhetoric" is Too Hot?? Biting-est Animals? Stripper Settlement.No Packers Jerseys at Soldier Field - What about BofA Stadium? Walter E. Williams - "The Slants" and "The Redskins." Saving Kids from SmartPhones. Super Summer Gold

Date: 6/19/2017 "My News" - Sorry, Fathers. Supreme Court Decides with "The Slants" (And "Redskins"). "Parents Against Underage Smartphones" Fine "Summer Gold"