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Date: 5/25/2017 "My News" - Charlotte's Long HB2-NBA Nightmare is Over. Making Death More Fun. "Memorial" Day Not "Veterans" Day. "Red Nose" Marketing Geniusry.

Date: 5/24/2017 "My News" - Trumps & Pope "Addams Family?" Red Alert in Britain. Remembering Roger Moore. Sort of.Dylan, Hanson & Spice Girls "Day-Late, Dollar-Short GuvCo" Strikes Again. "She Choked to Death"?? Some Announcements.

Date: 5/23/2017 "My News" - Another Day, Another Horrific Tragedy. Bad News for Charlotte. No Hand-Holding for President Trump. Evil Doesn't End. Rick Rothacker, Charlotte Observer - Charlotte is NOT #2 Banktown Anymore. Vicky Gonzales on the Swirl over a Principal at a Harrisburg School.

Date: 5/22/2017 "My News" - Twin Peaks. Trump Not Tweeting. Circus Over. Gone With The Wind. Singing At Indy and The Kentucky Derby. Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard; Fox News: "Swirls" or Real Trouble - for Trump. Why Producer to Whom Slept on the Couch.

Date: 5/19/2017 "My News" - The Weiner is in Custody. Trump's Road Trip. Pardoning a Thief. Talking Women not Shaving with Producer to Whom. And Paul Harvey. Fred Grandy, Political "Gopher" - All Things Trump-Swirl and Breaking "Love Boat" News.

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