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"America Held 'Corona Virus' - Day..."
Brand New Podcast Monday March 23.

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New Podcast: "Corona Madness!"

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Keith Tells the Story: "That Season of Hope" Audiobook now available for $9.99.


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Keith's column about Hope: "A Wish More Powerful than Politics"

Hope Stout Explains her Amazing Make-A-Wish


Keith talks with Fred Grandy and Ted Lange of "Love Boat" Fame - Fred of course a long-time Larson guest - about '70s and '80s TV, Hollywood then-and-now, and Launching their Own Podcast!

An excellent, perhaps surprising hour, with two really smart and funny guys.

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"The Great Hambino." From the Greatest Baseball Movie Ever Made - "The Sandlot."

A terrific conversation about this Fourth of July Classic - And boys and summer and baseball - with Patrick Renna, "Hamilton Porter III."

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Welcome to Char-cago. Is this who we want to be?

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What Americans Really Want from their Politicians

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A Proud 'Deranged' American

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Lessons from Phil and The Duke

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Martin Luther King Junior in the Age of Twitter

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Your Life Doesn't Change by the Man that's Elected

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There's No Comparison Between George H. W. Bush and...

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Why I Poke Republicans Harder

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Political Waters: Blue, Red, and Swirling

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Catching Up with Jake Delhomme

Keith catches up with long-time fan-favorite Carolina Panther Jake Delhomme.

Jake talks about this season's Panthers, The Greatest Quarterback of All-Time, whether he prayed for all his body parts like Cam Newton, and More.

Always great to spend a little time with Jake. Don't miss it.

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"An Unlikely Drop in a Blue Ripple"

Read Keith's latest column in The Charlotte Observer

Retro Special: "The News from Waxhaw"

Been a long time since Keith spent a pick-up truck Saturday morning at the Coffee Shop in Waxhaw. Too long. And too long since he last reported "The News of the Weekend in Waxhaw."

He ran into some great old friends - and found some things changing in his Newly Adopted Hometown.

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Bruton Smith - "Emperor of Brutonia"

A Free-Flowing Conversation with Charlotte Motor Speedway Founder and Larson Show icon Bruton Smith.

Bruton talks candidly about what went wrong with NASCAR and what'll fix it. Also talks Donald Trump, Jerry Richardson - and has something to say about Larson.

It's a Classic conversation - and he is still absolutely the Emperor of Brutonia.

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A Jersey-Free View of "Kavanaugh"

Keith's New Column in The Charlotte Observer


Special "From the Road" - Swimming at Wrightsville

Keith and the Producer-to-Whom were apparently the last people on the planet to know you're not supposed to be in the water at Wrightsville after Florence.

Now - Waiting to see if they get a respiratory infection, stomach virus, brain virus, parasites, hepatitis - or Keith grows a third nut.

Also - a visit to Wilmington.

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Jordan Gross Explains It All!

Fan-favorite former Carolina Panther Jordan Gross is now a "Commercial Organic Farmer" in his hometown of Fruitland, Idaho.

In his first wide-open radio conversation in years, the Three-Time Pro-Bowler Talks Life Beyond Football, Leaving his Media Career behind, "Fake News" and possibly Running for Office, Jerry Richardson's Downfall and the 2018 Panthers -- and Why he wants to make Avett Brother Joe Kwon a meal of his Home-Grown Kale, Radishes, and Bok Choy.

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"The Real Star of the Royal Wedding (And, Why)" - Keith's latest "My News" column in The Charlotte Observer


Special Edition: Jay Thomas' First Visit with Keith talking Charlotte Radio, and "The Rest Of the Lone Ranger Story."


Steve Crump Talks with Three Klan Geniuses


Former Panther Jeff Mitchell's Story about Tony Siragusa!